Benefits of using a professional to maintain your gutters

Many people think getting up on a ladder and pulling some leaves out of the gutter is simple, or they can save some money by buying a gutter guard kit from the local hardware shop and installing it themselves, but is that really true?

You may be surprised to discover the many benefits of using a professional to clean your gutters or install your gutter guard, and help protect your home from water damage.


Did you know that falling from ladders is one of the most common causes of injuries when working on your home?

Professional gutter cleaners and gutter guard installers have all the specialist equipment needed to work safely at heights, including top quality ladders with adjustable legs, lock grips to keep ladders in place, safety harnesses and ropes, and the right footwear to grip to the roof.

Some gutter cleaners can even vacuum the leaves and debris from your roof from the safety of the ground using technology such as SkyVac.

Saves you time

Having the right equipment makes a huge difference to how long any job takes, and maintaining gutters is no different.

Plus someone who installs gutter guards and cleans out gutters every day knows all the best techniques to do a great job in the quickest time.

Best quality job

An ill-fitting, poor quality gutter guard can cause more issues than it prevents, damaging your gutters and causing fine debris to build-up and block gutters.

Getting an experienced professional to clean out your gutters and install your gutter guard means the job will be done correctly, safely and will keep your home looking it’s best.

Identify issues early

If there are any issues with your gutters such as rust or the way water falls towards your downpipes, a professional will be able to spot them early so they can be fixed before causing a serious issue.

Their knowledge and experience could save you a lot of money in the long run.


Hiring a trusted professional to work on your gutters not only protects you from the risk of injury, but also your home from any damage.

Apart from having the experience to do the job correctly and safely, they should also be insured to cover you and themselves in the unlikely event that anything goes wrong.

Peace of mind

Hiring a professional means you know the job will be done safely by someone with experienced and that they’ll do the job right.

You can even check reviews on Google and Facebook, so you know they’ll do a great job before they start.

For your own peace of mind, it’s always good to check that your asking someone with a Working at Heights certificate, police clearance and insurance to work on your home.

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