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Top tips for choosing a good quality gutter guard

Installing a gutter guard is a great way to eliminate the need for regular cleaning and help your gutters do their job properly, which is direct water away from your home and protect it from water damage.

But poor-quality gutter guards can damage your gutters, quickly deteriorate and cause fine debris to build-up and block gutters.

So here are some top tips for what to look for when choosing your gutter guard.

Check all the rainwater will flow into your gutters

Gutters rely on flowing water to flush dirt and fine debris away. Some gutter guards, particularly wire mesh, can reduce the amount of water flowing into your gutters, resulting in a build-up of fine particles that are difficult to remove.

Check your gutter guard is designed to channel all of your roof run-off into your gutters, eliminating the need for regular cleaning.

This also allows you to make the most of your rainwater tanks, especially in the dryer months when rainwater is so precious.

Make sure it fits properly

It’s important that gutter guards are installed correctly without gaps and at an angle, allowing debris to slide off the surface and directing water into your gutters instead of off the roof.

An ill-fitting gutter guard can cause more issues than it prevents so, if possible, choose a guard that is custom made for your home and installed by a professional fitter.

Avoid steel

Gutter guards made from steel react with the metal in your gutters, causing them to rust.

If you are looking for a long-term solution to protect your gutters then consider a gutter guard made from aluminium or good quality plastic, such as high-density polyethylene.

Choose a gutter guard with a guarantee

Make sure the gutter guard you choose has a guarantee, which means the manufacturer promises the product’s quality will continue to meet set standards.

Warrantees can also give peace of mind, but check the conditions as they can be specific about when the manufacturer will address any issues.

If your gutter guard doesn’t come with a guarantee or warrantee, then there is no assurance of the product’s quality or that faults will be repaired or replaced.

Check the fire rating

If you live in an area at risk of bushfire, make sure your gutter guard has been tested and has a high fire rating to help protect your home from ember attacks.

Consider whether you want to drink your rainwater

If you want to collect and drink your rainwater, then it’s important to consider what your gutter guard is made of to avoid contamination.

Well fitted, high-density polyethylene gutter guards that channel all of the rainwater into your gutters are ideal for this purpose.

Think about installation

Installing gutter guards can be dangerous if you don’t have the right equipment, so if you plan on installing them yourself make sure that you do it safely.

If you’re not confident working at heights, call in a trusted professional who can give you product advice, has specialised safety equipment and can ensure your gutter guard is installed correctly.

At iClean Clean Gutters and Outdoors, we use Four Seasons Gutter Protection products for our installations, as we know this Australian company manufactures top quality gutter guards that excel in all of these areas.

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